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The ATARC Internet of Things Innovation Lab, a working group of government, academia and private industry thought leaders, released a report on Government and the Internet of Things in November 2015.

–>NOVEMBER 2015 PROJECT REPORT: Government and the Internet of Things: Findings and Recommendations of ATARC’s Internet of Things Innovation Lab
–>PRESS RELEASE: ATARC Releases Report on Government and Internet of Things


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WashingtonExecAshburn, Va.-based nonprofit Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) released Nov. 18 its report, “Government and the Internet of Things – Findings and Recommendations of the Internet of Things Innovation Lab,” a collaboration of government, industry and academia members who will tackle critical issues around IoT’s application to government. (Full Story)

A new report recommends the federal government take several actions as it navigates the Internet of Things, such as ensuring privacy and security protections are in place without imposing regulations that would hinder innovation. The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center issued the report, which is based on discussions at six collaborative meetings over a 10-week period attended by stakeholders from government, industry and academia. The working group is chaired by representatives from Cisco, Samsung and Verizon. (Full Story)

What: “Government and the Internet of Things,” a report by the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center.

Why: The Internet of Things encompasses a wide range of devices, including cell phones, cars, kitchen appliances, jet engines, electricity meters and windmills. By 2020, experts forecast that 26 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, and some predict two or three times that number. (Full Story)

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atarcThe Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides a collaborative forum for government, academia and industry to resolve emerging technology challenges. ATARC also introduces innovative technology from academic research labs to the Federal government and private industry.