ATARC Federal Big Data Test Lab

The ATARC Federal Big Data Test Lab is a proof of concept evaluation environment that provides the Federal Government with an understanding of how innovative data and analytics technology can help solve big data problems and enhance the agency’s mission.

Following a pilot project in conjunction with GSA and the U.S. Department of Commerce, the ATARC Federal Big Data Test Lab was launched to give government agencies an “analytics jumpstart” by providing pre-configured data and analytics tools that are used in the deployment of rapid projects such as Proofs of Concept, Pilots and Test Environments.

Hosted in a secure, FedRAMP-compliant environment, the ATARC Federal Big Data Test Lab allows agencies to conduct market research using a quick and easy access to advanced data and analytics tools using an intuitive “Turbo Tax” wizard for automated end-to-end provisioning.

The platform includes a wide variety of data and analytics technologies including Apache Spark, Cassandra, Hadoop, Information Builders, Kafka, Machine Learning with R, MicroStrategy, MongoDB, NetComm Beacon and Tableau.

By removing barriers of entry for Federal agencies, the ATARC Federal Big Data Test Lab enables the rapid evaluation and deployment of data science tools to enhance an agency’s mission support capabilities and help improve organizational performance.

Please note:

  • While the Federal Big Data Test lab is hosted on a FedRAMP authorized cloud service, the acceptable use policy is limited to using public or non-sensitive and non-production data.
  • The Federal Big Data Test Lab is designed to help agencies quickly evaluate and test new software capabilities and is not designed for production workloads and performance benchmarking or testing.
  • The Federal Big Data Test Lab is delivered for evaluation purposes and data loads are restricted to less than 10 GB.
  • The Federal Big Data Test Lab is provisioned, by default, for one week of usage. If you require extended usage, please contact us to make a request for extended usage.

For more information on the ATARC Federal Big Data Test Lab, please e-mail us at: