The MITRE-ATARC Mobile Collaboration Symposium was held in conjunction with the ATARC Mobile Technology Summit on August 30, 2018 in Washington, D.C. Following the summit, a White Paper was published summarizing the outcomes of the collaboration sessions with recommendations to government. Vincent Sritapan (above) of DHS gave a Visionary Keynote Briefing and also served as the government lead for the “Mobile Threat Report to Congress: Next Steps” collaboration session.

Key mobile topic areas:

  • Mobile Device Security
  • Cloud Based Mobile Development
  • Tactical Mobility
  • Mobile Authentication
  • Mobile Health

Key recommendations to Government:

  • Establish a Community of Practice for Tactical and Field Mobility
  • Re-Assess Guidance for High Assurance Authenticators
  • Establish a Continuous Education Approach to Mobile Security
  • Establish a Technical Vision and Pilot to Guide Cloud Based Development