MITRE-ATARC Mobile Collaboration Symposium, February 18, 2015

The Collaboration Sessions covered three key mobility topics:

• Identity and Access Management: Deploying Derived Credentials at the Enterprise Level
• Making Bring Your Own Device a Reality in the Federal Government
• Building Commercial Solutions for Classified Use

Among the recommendations:

• Agencies need further guidance on practical Derived PIV Credential implementation details such as how to leverage Mobile Device Management (MDM), Credential Management Systems, and other components in derived credential issuance and management. The development of a reference architecture would be helpful, especially if it can address different deployment models (agency-managed devices, BYOD, etc.)
• Provide employees with clear BYOD policy guidance. This policy guidance should make clear personal privacy and usability considerations associated with using the agency’s BYOD solution, such as any management controls and monitoring that are imposed upon the employee’s device
• Create a business model that incentivizes both small, and large, commercial players to participate in CSfC

Download the White Paper (.pdf)