MITRE-ATARC Big Data White Paper

MITRE-ATARC Big Data Collaboration Symposium, December 13, 2016

Big Data Challenge Areas
• Big Data for Autonomy and Autonomous Systems
• Big Data and Cyber Security
• Big Data as a Catalyst
• Leveraging Big Data forMission Success
• Big Data and Health Care

Key Recommendations to Government
• Autonomous systems should not make the complete decision. Each system requires a threshold of meaningful human control
• There is a need for a special education tract to teach unique cyber security skills
• Much policy and integration work is needed to enable technical implementation of greater data sharing
• Data availability is a double-edged sword; we often do not have the data and we often can’t trust it when we do have it
• Development of a standard ontology can overcome some issues with different data definitions, versions, and iterations

Download White Paper (.pdf)