MITRE-ATARC Big Data Collaboration Symposium, June 18, 2015

Big Data Challenge Areas
• Big Data and Analytics to Enhance Mission Capabilities
• Predictive Analysis
• The Future of Big Data and the Internet of Things
• The Roadmap to Big Data
• Big Data for Cyber Defense

Recommendations to Government
• The government needs to establish a strong, supportive foundation for big data, which means informing senior leadership of the technical needs and opportunities that come with big data.
• Federal agencies need to implement formal standards for governance, provenance, and security. Standards are necessary to ensure data is traceable and clearly defined.
• Communication and collaboration are essential to share best practices within and beyond the government. Agencies that have experienced success need to share this knowledge.
• Academia needs to develop programs and supplemental curricula to produce big data talent with skills in analysis, data mining, database management, and related skills.
• Both academia and government organizations need to work to develop tools that can capture, store, and analyze big data.

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